Zachary Cline



I am a PhD student at Temple University's Department of Mathematics. My main interests include Hopf algebras and their representations, noncommutative algebra, and topics in Topology (okay, I really just mean knot theory). I am currently studying under Dr. Chelsea Walton. I already received my Master's degree from Temple, and previously attended the Templeton Honors College at Eastern University, where I also studied philosophy, astronomy, and music.

I love to teach and tutor. Mathematics is beautiful in a unique way, and I delight in helping others to see this beauty alongside me. What I find most beautiful is the simultaneously intuitive and unpredictable nature of mathematical truth. I believe that by studying mathematics, we allow unpredictable outcomes to inform our intuition, and in so doing, grow not only in knowledge, but in intuition.

While I'm not reading, doing exercises, researching, preparing notes, or grading, I enjoy spending time (and having a drink) with my family and friends, playing board games, reading, and occasionally breaking out my guitar.