Edgar A. Bering IV

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
Temple University
Wachman Hall
1805 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19122
Curriculum Vitae

In the fall of 2020 I will be moving to the Technion to start a postdoctoral fellowship under Michah Sageev.

Before the Technion I was a postdoctoral fellow at Temple University, working with David Futer. I completed my Ph. D. at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where I worked with Marc Culler. I am interested broadly in low-dimensional topology and geometric group theory; my thesis work focused on free group automorphisms.

Publications & Preprints

(almost) All of my publications are available on the arXiv.


Throughout my teaching practice I am committed to guiding diverse student populations at all levels to discover their mathematical selves as a part of an inclusive mathematical community where they are welcome to express that identity in their personal voice. My teaching portfolio contains an elaboration of my teaching philosophy and detailed examples of that philosophy in practice from my teaching experiences at Temple.

At Temple I taught courses at all levels of the curriculum, ranging from a non-technical majors' general education course, through service teaching in the calculus sequence, up to upper division undergraduate courses in geometry and topology, as well as a graduate topics course.

At UIC I taught for the Emerging Scholar's Program, a Treisman-style workshop for Calculus. In addition to classroom activities my duties included mentoring newer instructors and aiding fellow teaching assistants in using active learning in their own discussion sections. I also was a volunteer facilitator for Math Circles of Chicago and a judge for K-12 competitions and mathematics fairs. During my last year at UIC I was a research assistant for the Mathematical Computing Laboratory, assisting in lab maintenance and organizing workshops to recruit undergraduates for projects in future semesters.