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uG4 – The Multi-Physics Simulation Platform

uG4 (unstructured Grids version 4) is an open-source development of a numerical simulation framework harboring advanced tools for discretizing partial and ordinary differential equations and solving very large systems of linear equations. The project is lead by the Goethe Center for Scientific Computing at the Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. uG4 is used in many scientific applications, ranging from fluid dynamics, mechanics to numerous applications in bioscience. 

Read about uG4

The two publications Vogel et al. (2013) and Reiter et al. (2013) introduce the scope of uG4 and its' scalable performance on massively parallel systems.

uG4 on github

If you are interested in using or contributing to ug4, you will find all necessary resources on github.

Based on uG4

uG4 is used as the basis of other applications. Projects like NeuroBox successfully employ uG4 as the numerics engine for solving many neuroscientific applications