We develop software tools for Scientific Computing


NeuroBox is computational toolbox reaching far beyond what is available in the neuroscience field. Is is built upon the simulation platform uG4 and VRL.


uG4 is being developed together with the Goethe Center for Scientific Computing and is the basis of many of our applied math research and computations.


Developed by Michael Hoffer, and our group as co-developers with a focus on neuroscience, VRL-Studio combines visual and text-based programming.


NeuGen is a neural network generator that generates realistic neuron morphologies into large networks. These can be used to perform large network simulations without neglecting morphological detail.


NeuRA, the Neuron Reconstruction Algorithm, is a GPU-based implementation of novel image filters and segmentation routines to reconstruct 3D-morphologies from different microscopy sources.


Generating numerically stable surface grids from neuronal 1D reconstruction data is the core feature of AnaMorph. This advances classical 1D methods to our 3D framework.


Data visualization of complex 3D data is an important part of being able to understand and interpret spatial and structural information. Built for NeuroBox, DensVis features these capabilities.