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Simulate biochemical processes

Use NeuroBox to simulate biochemical processes in cells. The spatio-temporal dynamics of multiple ion species can be included into one- or three-dimensional computations.
(Image by G. Queisser)

Electrophysiological simulations

With NeuroBox you can simulate the electrical behavior of cells, be it in classical Hodgkin-Huxley type fashion on discretized 1D-morphologies, or in full 3D-space using the Poisson-Nernst-Planck equations. Of course, biochemical and electrical processes can be coupled, even across different space dimensions.
(Image by M. Hoffer & G. Queisser)

Large library of biological components

Designed for growth NeuroBox offers an ever growing repertoire of synapse models, ion channels, pumps, organelles etc. Missing components can be easily implemented in a modular way. With the automatic import from existing model databases, extending NeuroBox to specific requirements is straight-forward.
(Image by G. Queisser)