Irina Mitrea               

Contact Information

Research Interests:Harmonic Analysis, PDE's,
Geometric Measure Theory,
Complex Analysis, Validated Numerics
Mailing Address: Department of Mathematics
Temple University
1805 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122, USA
Office Location:1020 Wachman Hall
E-mail Address: imitrea(at)temple(dot)edu
Phone Number: (215) 204-6741
Fax Number:(215) 204-6433

List of publications:

Ph. D. Students and Postdocs:

Service and Outreach:

  • F06 - present:         Organizer of the Undergraduate Mathematics Lecture Series:
    • The Mathematics of Card Shuffling, Ken Brown (Cornell University), 11/10/06, Poster
    • Can Computers Compute?, Warwick Tucker (Uppsala University), 03/14/07, Poster
    • Cellular Automata with an Application to Biology, Jane Hawkins (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), 03/19/07 Poster
    • Mathematical Paterns in Nature, John Adam (Old Dominion University), 05/18/07, Poster
    • Take a Walk on the Boardwalk, Steve Abbott (Middlebury College), 09/13/07, Poster
    • Fun, Ingenious, and Unusual Math, Dorina Mitrea (University of Missouri, Columbia), 03/20/09, Poster
    • The Netflix Prize: how mathematics can predict the movies you'll love, Katharine Ott (University of Kentucky), 09/23/09, Poster
    • Ruler, Compass and Origami Constructions: Trisecting an Angle and Doubling a Cube, Mike Hill (UVa and Harvard University), 09/30/09, Poster
    • Implicit Stereotypes Matter in Math and Sciences, Fred Smyth (University of Virginia), 12/09/09, Poster
    • Screening of the Documentary "Top Secret Rosies: The Female Computers of WWII", Producer/Director LeAnn Erickson (Temple University), 02/24/11, Poster
    • Submajorization and the Geometry of Unordered Collections, with Applications to Music and Welfare Economics, Rachel Hall (St. Joseph's University), 02/24/12, Poster
    • How to Build Graphs by Flipping Coins, and other Probabilistic Methods, Rehana Patel (Wesleyan University), 04/13/12, Poster
    • A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper, John Allen Paulos (Temple University), 09/21/12, Poster
    • Thirteen Ways Math and Poetry Connect, JoAnne Growney, 11/09/12, Poster


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