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Temple University
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Philadelphia, PA 19122-6094, USA
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(About this photograph, and others)

My interest is Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing in general, and Numerical and Applied Linear Algebra in particular.

I am a co-Director of the High-Performance Computing for Scientific Applications Professional Science Master, and a member of the Center for Computational Mathematics and Modeling at Temple University.

I am a member of the Editorial Boards of:
The Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra (ELA),
the Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA) (European mirror site),
Linear Algebra and its Applications,
Mathematics of Computation,
Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications,
Journal of Numerical Analysis and Approximation Theory (published by the Romanian Academy),
SeMA Journal: Boletín de la Sociedad Española de Matemática Aplicada,
and the SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications (Editor-in-chief).

I am currently the President of the International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS),
the Chair of the SIAM Committee on Section Activities,
and one of the SIAM representatives to the Mathematical Council of the Americas.

Seminars at Temple University.
Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing at Temple University.
Mathematical Contest in Modeling for undergraduates at Temple.

Upcoming conferences and events of note:

Online seminar series on Numerical Linear Algebra, weekly on Wednedsays 4PM CET (Central European Time), ongoing (virtual).
Communications in Numerical Linear Algebra, weekly on Mondays 3PM CET, ongoing (virtual).
Online seminar series on Numerical Analysis, biweekly on Mondays 3PM CET, ongoing (virtual).
Sayas Numerics Seminar, weekly on Tuesdays 3:30 Eastern time, ongoing (virtual).
GAMM Workshop on Applied and Numerical Linear Algebra 2020, 24-25 September 2020, University of Potsdam, Germany. (virtual)
Sparse Days 2020, 23-24 November 2020, CERFACS, Toulouse, France (virtual).
26th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods, 7-11 December 2020, Hong Kong. (virtual)
23rd Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS2021). Embedded in the:
SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra, 17-21 May 2021, New Orleans.
The 29th Biennial Numerical Analysis Conference, 22-25 June 2021, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.
Workshop on Low-Rank Models and Applications, 28-29 June 2021, Mons, Belgium.
Workshop on the Interplay of Discretization and Algebraic Solvers: A Posteriori Error Estimates and Adaptivity, 30 June - 2 July 2021, INRIA Paris.
Mathematical Congress of the Americas, 19-24 July 2021, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
XXI Householder Symposium on Numerical Linear Algebra, 12-17 June 2022, Selva di Fasano (Br), Italy.
24nd Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS2022) 20-25 June 2022, National University of Ireland, Galway
25th Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS2023) 5-9 June 2023, Madrid, Spain.
Tenth International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM 2023), 20-25 August 2023, Tokyo.

A link to the Thesis of Gene H. Golub: The Use of Chebychev Matrix Polynomials in the Iterative Solution of Linear Equations Compared to the Method of Successive Relaxation, Univeristy of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), March 1959 (139 pages).

An Interview

I gave, which appeared in IMAGE, The Bulletin of the International Linear Algebra Society, November 2018. It was conducted by Froilán Dopico.

Some math-related opinions of note:

Maths spying: The quandary of working for the spooks, from The New Scientist, April 2014.

Mathematicians and Ethical Engagement, from SIAM News, November 2018.

A letter to the editor of the New York Times

I wrote about the mathematics of voting. 16 October 2016.

My latest research papers are

Faycal Chaouqui and Daniel B. Szyld, On optimal coarse space correction for Restricted and Optimized Additive Schwarz Method, Research Report 20-09-18, September 2020. Bibtex.

Eric King-wah Chu, Daniel B. Szyld, and Jieyong Zhou , Numerical solution of singular Lyapunov equations, Research Report 16-06-02, June 2016. Revised September 2019 and April 2020. Bibtex

José C. Garay, Frédéric Magoulès, Daniel B. Szyld, Synchronous and Asynchronous Optimized Schwarz Method for Poisson's Equation in Rectangular Domains, Research Report 17-10-18, October 2017. Revised April 2018. Bibtex

Micheael L. Parks, Kirk M. Soodhalter, and Daniel B. Szyld, A block Recycled GMRES method with investigations into aspects of solver performance, Research Report 16-04-04, April 2016. Revised August 2017. Available also at the arxiv. Bibtex
Supplementary Materials.
Software for block Recycled GMRES is available at Zenodo.


Edmond Chow, Andreas Frommer, and Daniel B. Szyld, Asynchronous Richardson iterations: Theory and practice, Research Report 20-09-03, September 2020. Appeared online in Numerical Algorithms, 18 October 2020. Bibtex. Available also at the arxiv.

Christian Glusa, Erik G. Boman, Edmond Chow, Sivasankaran Rajamanickam, and Daniel B. Szyld. Scalable Asynchronous Domain Decomposition Solvers, Research Report 19-10-11, October 2019. Revised April 2020 and July 2020. To appear in SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing. Bibtex

Andreas Frommer, Kathryn Lund, and Daniel B. Szyld, Block Krylov subspace methods for functions of matrices II: Modified block FOM, SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, vol 41 (2020), pp. 804-837. Bibtex

Mireille El Haddad, José C. Garay, Frédéric Magoulès, and Daniel B. Szyld, Synchronous and Asynchronous Optimized Schwarz Methods for one-way subdivision of bounded domains, Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, vol. 27 (2020) paper e2779 (30 pages). Bibtex


René Kehl, Reinhard Nabben, and Daniel B. Szyld, Adaptive Multilevel Krylov Methods, Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis, vol.51 (2019) pp. 512-528. Bibtex

Endao Han, Liang Zhao, Nigel Van Ha, S. Tonia Hsieh, Daniel B. Szyld, and Heinrich M. Jaeger. Dynamic jamming of dense suspensions under tilted impact. Physical Review Fluids. Vol. 4 (2019) 063304. Bibtex

Work on most of these papers was supported in part by the Department of Energy (Office of Science), and by the National Science Foundation.

Other Papers: Chronological . By subject.
See also the collections I edited:
Proceedings of Seminar on Web Information Retrieval and Other Applications of Markov Chain Modeling (Dagsuhl, 2007)
75 Years of Mathematics of Computation (AMS, 2020)
Recorded Lectures:

Matrices with Perron-Frobenius Properties, given at the Workshop on Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Nonnnegative Matrices at the Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery, Banff, Alberta, Canada, 27-29 July 2012.

Asynchronous Optimized Schwarz Methods for the solution of PDEs, given at Cornell on 6 November 2015.

Complete CV (Temple format) or shorter CV. Google scholar profile.
Current PhD student supervision at Temple: Andrew Higgins
Current postdoctoral supervision: Faycal Chaouqui

Links to former students and postdocs

Honors and Awards.
Commemorative medal of the School of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University of Prague, at the Czech-U.S. Workshop on Iterative Methods and Parallel Computing, June 16-21, 1997, Milovy, Czech Republic.
Featured in the book Hall of Fame containing linocuts portraits of scientists in the field of scientific computing made by Henk van der Vorst. Published by SARA, the High Performance Computing Agency of the Netherlands, December 2010.
Dean's Distinguished Award for Excellence in Research, College of Science and Technology, Temple University, October 2011.
Fellow of the American Mathematical Society, Class of 2017.
Fellow of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Class of 2017. (A note from the College's news on these two recognitions).
Achievement in Mathematics Award, College of Science and Technology 20th Anniversary Special Recognition, Temple University, November 2018.

Scientific Societies.
American Mathematical Society (AMS).
Asociación Argenitina de Matemática Aplicada, Computational e Industrial (ASAMCI) .
Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM).
GAMM Activity Group on Applied and Numerical Linear Algebra .
International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS).
Mathematical Council of the Americas.
National Association of Mathematicians (NAM).
Societé Mathématique de France (SMF).
Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). Check this video clip: Why be a SIAM member?
SIAM Activity Group on Linear Algebra. See an article on Trends in Linear Algebra.
Unión Matemática de América Latina y el Caribe (UMALCA).
Check also the pages for Domain Decomposition Methods, the NA-Digest, and for the Householder Symposia.

Some great resources: Why do math?, What's Happening in the Mathematical Sciences?, Guide for Women in Mathematics: History, Scholarships, and Career Potential.

And two wonderful websites honoring mathematicians: Mathematically Gifted and Black, Marhematicians of the African Diaspora, Latin@s and Hispanics in the Mathematical Sciences.

Links to some good friends and colleagues

I am a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS).
Faculty at Temple U. is unionized, our Union (TAUP) is part of the American Federation of Teachers (AFL-CIO).
I like to read The Nation; see also This can't be happening. I like to listen to Pacifica Radio, and Democracy Now!
Links to the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), the Council for Hemispheric Affairs (COHA), and to NACLA (North American Congress on Latin America).
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