Curriculum Vitae

Coordinates Genealogy
My entry at Mathematics Genealogy Project
1983-1996   Basic school education
1996-1997Social service as emergency medical technician
1997-2000University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Undergraduate studies in Technomathematics (minor: physics)
2000-2001Lawrence Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley, CA
2001-2006University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Graduate studies in applied mathematics
2006-2009 MIT, Cambridge, MA
Instructor of Applied Mathematics
2009-2015Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics
2015-present  Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics
2017-present  Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Director, Center for Computational Mathematics and Modeling
2003                 Diploma Dipl.-Math.techn. (MSc), Certificates of Mathematics International and ECMI
Thesis: Optimal prediction in molecular dynamics
2006Dr.rer.nat. (PhD)
Thesis: M-matrices in meshless finite difference methods
Awards and Support
2001Otto A. Wipprecht Fellowship
2003-2006Fellowship by the German Research Foundation in the Graduate college Mathematics and Practice
2008-2013 NSF grant DMS-0813648, Capturing subgrid structures with level set methods
2010-2013 NSF grant DMS-1007899, Collaborative Research: Phantom traffic jams, continuum modeling, and connections with detonation wave theory
2011-2014 NSF grant DMS-1115269, Collaborative Research: Numerical approaches for incompressible viscous flows with high order accuracy up to the boundary
2013-2016 NSF grant DMS-1318641, A computational framework for atherosclerotic plaque growth simulations
2013-2016 NSF grant DMS-1318709, Collaborative Research: Gradient-augmented level set methods and jet schemes
2013 Greenshields Prize by the Committee on Traffic Flow Theory & Characteristics, Transportation Research Board, National Academy of Sciences
2015-2018 NSF grant CNS-1446690, CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Control of vehicular traffic flow via low density autonomous vehicles
2017-2020 NSF grant DMS-1719640, Collaborative Research: Overcoming order reduction and stability restrictions in high-order time-stepping
2018 PA Dept. of Agriculture grant, An integrative approach to model, predict, and control the Spotted Lanternfly invasion meltdown in Pennsylvania
2018-2019 PA Dept. of Agriculture grant, Furthering computational approaches for modeling, predicting and controlling Spotted Lanternfly invasion and its economic impact
Personal Interests
 Ultimate frisbee, soccer, skiing, travels