The vast majority of my work is publication based research. Described here are projects that go beyond this. They include the automated visualization of weather data, and a visual arts project that considers the evolution and sounds of a floating sculpture.

Weather Visualization

In collaboration with Matthias Schäfer (Fraunhofer ITWM) and meteomedia AG, I have worked on the automated creation of flow visualization movies (Tagesthemen-Strömungsfilm) and cloud animation movies.

Visual Art
A computer model of the Sculpture Flottante by Marta Pan was evolved under a mean curvature flow. The sound of the evolving surface was computed. The video of the evolution and the sounds of the sculpture were two pieces of art in the exhibition Everything Trembles by Jane Philbrick (MIT CAVS), that ran from September 6 through November 8, 2009 at the Skissernas Museum, Lund, Sweden.