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01/30/2023Temple mathematicians part of key study on AI-powered cruise control, Temple Now
12/06/2022Scientists are partnering with Nissan, GM, and Toyota to break up those annoying ‘phantom’ traffic jams using A.I. and cruise control, Fortune
11/28/2022Temple researcher part of AI-powered cruise control system test, largest study of its kind, Temple CST News
03/04/2021The Spotted Lanternfly is moving West, South, and sometimes North and East,
09/01/2020Seibold Brings Expertise in Traffic Flow, Vehicle Automation to IPAM Programs, IPAM Newsletter
06/24/2019Why Traffic Jams Are Never Your Fault, The Saturday Evening Post
05/08/2019Road test shows some adaptive cruise control systems can amplify phantom jams, EurekAlert!
05/08/2019Road test proves adaptive cruise control can add to traffic jam problem, Vanderbilt Press Release
Spin-off at ScienceDaily TechXplore
12/07/2018The Automotive Industry's Future Is Autonomous, MicroSmallCap
10/20/2018Le bouchon venu de nulle part, LeSoleil
07/03/2018This is why traffic jams happen for no apparent reason, WalesOnline
06/21/2018College of Science and Technology launches hub for interdisciplinary research, Temple Now
02/28/2018Blame tailgaters for your traffic woes, Smithsonian
02/21/2018Study suggests that as few as 5% autonomous cars can enable flow control to dampen traffic waves, Green Car Congress
08/22/2017Study: Just a few driverless cars can reduce traffic jams, WITF
08/08/2017Tested with human drivers, self-driving car calms traffic, Temple Now
05/26/2017Just One Driverless Car Could Ease Traffic Jams, Forbes
05/26/2017Just a Few Self-Driving Cars Could Fix Phantom Traffic Jams, Smithsonian
05/23/2017Self-driving Cars Go with the Flow, and Even Improve It, Wheels News
05/24/2017Transforming Traffic Control, ITS Berkeley
05/23/2017Test Shows Even One Automated Car Can Offer a Big Impact, ASCE Civil Engineering
05/22/2017The addition of only a handful of self-driving cars could eliminate traffic jams, Popular Mechanics
05/17/2017Autonomous vehicles to bring early congestion benefits, ITS Review
05/15/2017Three Studies Show How Robocars Will Make for Safer, More Efficient Roads, IEEE Spectrum
05/15/2017Adding just a few self-drive cars to the road gets the traffic flowing, New Atlas
05/12/2017Just one driverless car eases traffic flow, The Times (UK)
05/12/2017Watch an Autonomous Car Prevent a Traffic Jam From Forming, Futurism
05/12/2017Study Shows a Few Self-Driving Cars Could Improve Traffic Flow, Interesting Engineering
05/11/2017This cutting edge technology could cut congestion on UK roads, here is why, Daily Express
05/10/2017A Single Autonomous Car Has a Huge Impact on Alleviating Traffic, MIT Technology Review
05/09/2017Experiments show that a few self-driving cars can dramatically improve traffic flow, Press Release
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04/07/2017What causes traffic jams?, Hines Law Blog
08/24/2016Infrequently Asked Questions: Why do traffic jams seem to start and stop for no reason?, Philly Voice
08/19/2016What's Holding up Traffic?, BioTechniques
08/11/2016Science and the City: The Mechanics Behind the Metropolis, book by Laurie Winkless
11/20/2015Dangerous roads: The anatomy of a traffic jam,
10/08/2015Just a Few Self-Driving Cars on the Highway Could Cut Random Traffic Jams by Half, Popular Mechanics
11/25/2014Unlocking the mysteries of the random traffic jam,
11/24/2014Why do traffic jams sometimes form for no reason?,
10/08/2014Using autonomous vehicles to improve traffic flow, Science Daily, newswise
09/06/2010A by-the-numbers look at 'phantom' traffic jams, The Philadelphia Inquirer
09/01/2010Phantom Traffic Jams: It's Your Own Darn Fault, NBC Philadelphia
08/19/2010Transport: Signal manoeuvre, Financial Times
06/22/2010Equation: Factors for Predicting Phantom Traffic Jams,
01/30/2010Math in the Media: The Year in Science 2009,
01/26/2010Top 100 Stories of 2009: #39: Math - Combined With GPS - Could Fix Traffic Jams, Discover Magazine
06/18/2009MIT working to eliminate phantom traffic jams,
06/17/2009Catchword jamiton,
06/17/2009MIT Hopes to Exorcise 'Phantom' Traffic Jams,
06/15/2009Mathematicians Take Aim At 'Phantom' Traffic Jams,
06/12/2009Math model may decrease phantom traffic jams,
06/12/2009New Hope for Ending Pointless Traffic Jams,
06/11/2009'Jamitons' slow traffic flow,
06/10/2009MIT Works to Solve Traffic Jam Problem, DailyTech
06/09/2009Explaining Shadow Traffic Jams with Gas Flows,
06/09/2009Mathematicians Take Aim At 'Phantom' Traffic Jams: New Model Could Help Design Better Roads, ScienceDaily
06/09/2009Mathematicians take aim at 'phantom' traffic jams, MIT news
06/05/2009Traffic jams follow explosive pattern, says researcher, Phys.Org
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11/22/2022Massive field test showing how AI smooths traffic flow, UC Berkeley
05/28/2020What is phantom traffic and why is it ruining your life?, TEDEd
05/07/2019Like human drivers, adaptive cruise control vehicles can create phantom traffic jams, Benjamin Seibold and collaborators
02/23/2018How to stop phantom traffic (and save fuel) in seven easy steps!, National Science Foundation
06/22/2017Science of self-driving cars and traffic control, Temple CST (technical video)
06/13/2017Just a few autonomous cars can improve traffic for everyone, Temple CST (public video)
05/05/2017Self-driving cars experiment demonstrates dramatic improvements in traffic flow, Project video of traffic experiment
06/09/2009Formation of a phantom traffic jam, Benjamin Seibold (MIT)
Radio and Video Interviews Talk Radio Europe BYU Radio
Marketplace News1130 KYW Newsradio
02/19/2021Between Two Owls, Temple University
06/24/2020The Daily with Dave Hodgson, TRE Talk Radio Europe
MP3 recording (interview starting at 0:31:48)
06/23/2020The Lisa Show, BYU Radio
interview on phantom traffic
03/23/2020Choosing the College of Science and Technology, Video about Bella Yang, undergraduate student researcher in C2M2
09/06/2017The Impact of Mathematics on the World Around You, SIAM
09/29/2016Answer This: How will the first self-driving cars affect traffic?, Temple Now
08/26/2016There might be a way to eliminate traffic jams, Marketplace Radio and NPR
09/09/2010Erin Loxam and Rob Freeman speak with Benjamin Seibold about phantom traffic jams, News 1130
09/01/2010Holiday Drivers Could Face the 'Phantom Traffic Jam', KYW Newsradio
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The New York Times
07/18/2013Traffic Ghost Hunting, Nautilus Magazine
08/26/2010    The Ripple Effect of Bad Driving, The New York Times - The Opinion Pages
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MIT Technology Review The Wall Street Journal
06/21/2023Temple University experts discuss the impact of the recent I-95 collapse, Temple Now
06/20/2023What time, day, and month are the most dangerous to drive in Pennsylvania and New Jersey?, The Philadelphia Inquirer
07/11/20172017's Best & Worst Cities to Drive in, WalletHub
07/25/2012An App that Could Stop Traffic, MIT Technology Review
08/30/2010Keeping Tabs on Traffic, The Wall Street Journal - Blogs