Ultimate Frisbee Sandwich Ultimate Frisbee Jump
Ultimate Frisbee Sandwich Ultimate Frisbee Jump
Soccer Biking Skiing  
Soccer (i.e. real football) Biking (Inspiration point) Skiing (Killington, VT)  
Meetings and Travels
Teufelstisch Lassen Volcanic Park Riverside, IA Pompeii, Italy
Teufelstisch, Hinterweidental,
Lassen Volcanic Park, CA Future Birthplace of
James T. Kirk, Riverside, IA
Pompeii, Italy
Saturn V Rocket Triple Point Belgium Netherlands Germany Iceland Arizona 2016
Saturn V Rocket Triple Point Belgium-
Þingvellir, Iceland
(inside the ridge between
Europe and North America)
Mcity, University of Michigan
Arizona 2015 Arizona 2016 Badwater DC Autoshow
Arizona Traffic Team 2015
(with J. Sprinkle, D. Work, M. Bunting,
M. L. Delle Monache, and R. Stern)
Arizona Traffic Team 2016 Badwater
(with D. Work and R. Stern)
DC Autoshow
(with R. Stern, W. Barbour,
B. Piccoli, and D. Work)
Punxsutawney Great Wall Forbidden City Gullfoss
Punxsutawney (with M. Frank) Great Wall, China
(with D. Shirokoff and D. Zhou)
Forbidden City, Beijing
(with P. Chidyagwai, D. Zhou,
and D. Shirokoff)
Gullfoss, Iceland
(with D. Shirokoff, S. Roberts,
and D. Reynolds)