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Paulos discussing Innumeracy on Letterman.

My Erdos number

I co-authored "Truth Tables And Inference Rules" along with Hugues Leblanc and George Weaver, Reports On Mathematical Logic, 1977. Fortuitously Weaver co-authored a paper with Ralph Mckenzie, who co-authored a paper with Saharon Shelah, who co-authored a paper with Paul Erdos. This gives me an Erdos number of 4! That's four, not four factorial.

You will find a larger mug shot of Paulos (yippee) and a link to his breakfast table forum in Slate magazine. He would also like to recommend Weisstein's encyclopedia of mathematics, Girvan's Apothecary, Bogomolny's mathematical miscellany, Zeilberger's opinions, Raza's 3quarksdaily, Snell's Chance News, and Siegrist's probability and statistics applets. And check out Google's calculator
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