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Paulos wins AAAS award - photo

Paulos gets math communications award from MAA, AMS (2013)

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All of Paulos' books are available at bookstores and through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Booksense.

How Much Oil Is Spilling?

P's review of Nate Silver's Signal & Noise

Review:Paulos deserves high praise for turning out a book that is brief, forthright, and amiable. While making the same basic points as, say, Dawkins's The God Delusion, it avoids the often choleric tone of that work.

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PW: "Few of the recent books on atheism have been worth reading just for wit and style, but this is one of them: Paulos is truly funny"

Sam Harris: "John Allen Paulos has done us all a great service. Irreligion is an elegant and timely response to the manifold ignorance that still goes by the name of 'faith' in the 21st century."

Jesus' & Seneca's Descendants?

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New S.E.C. Inquiry: 62.381527% of all statistics made up on the spot.

Total(itarian) Information Awareness

Each of the six expressions - 8y, 6x, 8z, 7w, 7x, 6w - will disappear when focused upon. Stare at one and check below to see if the occult ocular software has guessed your choice.

Missing Expression!

Where Pythagoras Consorts with Pulitzer

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John Allen Paulos ( paulos at temple dot edu, tweets by @johnallenpaulos ) is an extensively kudized author, popular public speaker, and former monthly columnist for (archived here, the text copyright by JAP, only the presentation copyright by ABC), the Scientific American, and the Guardian. Professor of math at Temple, a state university in Philadelphia, he earned his Ph.D. in the subject from the University of Wisconsin.

His most recent book is Irreligion . His forthcoming book (November, 2015) is A Numerate Life - A Mathematician Explores the Vagaries of Life, His and Probably Yours. Other writings of his include Innumeracy (NY Times bestseller for 18 weeks), A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper (on the readers' list of the Random House Modern Library's compilation of the 100 best nonfiction books of the century **), Once Upon a Number (chosen by the LA Times as one of the best books of 1998), and A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market (a brief tenant on the BusinessWeek bestsellers list). He's also written scholarly papers on probability, logic, and the philosophy of science as well as scores of OpEds, book reviews, and articles in publications such as the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the Nation, Discover, the American Scholar, and the London Review of Books.

The audiences he's addressed range from those in classrooms to members of the Smithsonian, from Harvard's Nieman Fellows to its Hasty Pudding Club, from mathematical associations to stock market forums, and from NASA and the National Academy of Sciences to college gatherings, including the commencement assembly at the University of Wisconsin. Paulos has appeared frequently on radio and television, including a four-part BBC adaptation of A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper and appearances on the Lehrer News Hour, 20/20, Larry King, and David Letterman. In 2002 he received the University Creativity Award, in 2003 the American Association for the Advancement of Science award for promoting public understanding of science, and in 2013 the Mathematics Communication Award from the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics.

He's also been cited by cultural, business, and political commentators, has an extensive web presence, and has even been the answer to a Jeopardy question. With these curious credentials, he served for two years on the editorial board of the Philadelphia Daily News where, as with his newspaper book, ABC columns, and stint at the Columbia School of Journalism, he tried to straddle the disparate realms of Pythagoras and Pulitzer.

Paulos can be CONTACTED at paulos at temple dot edu. Other CONTACT information is here

Celebrity bios are available here as are stories about (wink) astrological enlightenment, amazing miracles, world sports, new books, peerless persiflage, quarky commentary, travel, and the presidential betting odds of William Safire.

Market analysis may be found as well as some old news on the after(math) of 9/11 - number nonsense and the prisoner's dilemma.

"Measuring (Presidential) Bacteria" and "How Florida's Chief Judge Misquoted Me", from 2000 election.

Shark reports - two views, one Paulos', the other not.


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