Orin Chein
Department of Mathematics
Office: Wachman Hall, room 612
1805 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Phone: (215)204-7846
e-mail: orin@temple.edu

Courses taught
     Fall, 2003
     Spring, 2003
     Fall, 2002
     Spring, 2002
     Fall, 2001
     Spring, 2001
     Fall, 2000


Some recent papers:
Three Generator Moufang Loops
Loops and the Lagrange Property
Minimally Nonassociative Nilpotent Moufang Loops
Possible Orders of Nonassociative Moufang Loops
Minimally Nonassociative Moufang Loops With a Unique Nonidentity Commutator Are Nearly RA
Moufang Loops of Order 2m, m Odd
RA loops

Current Projects