Funding opportunities are listed below.

[BO] = Benkart-Orellana group
[BS] = Balagovic-Stroppel group
[BT] = Baur-Todorov group
[GS] = Gorelik-Serganova group
[MN] = Montgomery-Natale group
[RS] = Redondo-Solotar group
[SV] = Sierra-Vancliff group
[SW] = Shepler-Witherspoon group
  1. Martina Balagovic     [BS]
  2. Karin Baur     [BT]
  3. Georgia Benkart    [BO]
  4. Ana Ros Camacho    [BO]
  5. Zajj Daugherty     [BS]
  6. Eleonore Faber     [BT]
  7. Sian Fryer     [SW]
  8. Maria Gorelik     [GS]
  9. Sira Gratz    [BT]
  10. Iva Halacheva     [BS]
  11. Pamela Harris    [BO]
  12. Johanna Hennig     [GS]
  13. Mee Seong Im     [GS]
  14. Tina Kanstrup     [SW]
  15. Ellen Kirkman     [SW]
  16. Gail Letzter     [BS]
  17. Joanna Meinel     [RS]
  18. Luz Adriana Mejia Castaño     [MN]
  19. Susan Montgomery     [MN]
  20. Sonia Natale     [MN]
  21. Van Nguyen     [RS]
  22. Emily Norton     [BS]
  23. Rosa Orellana     [BO]
  24. Rebecca Patrias     [BO]
  25. Bregje Pauwels     [RS]
  26. María Julia Redondo     [RS]
  27. Bea Schumann     [GS]
  28. Vera Serganova     [GS]
  29. Khrystyna Serhiyenko   [BT]
  30. Anne Shepler     [SW]
  31. Susan Sierra    [SV]
  32. Andrea Solotar     [RS]
  33. Spela Spenko     [SV]
  34. Catharina Stroppel    [BS]
  35. Gordana Todorov    [BT]
  36. Michaela Vancliff     [SV]
  37. Monica Vazirani    [BO]
  38. Padmini Veerapen     [SV]
  39. Maria Vega     [MN]
  40. Chelsea Walton     [MN]
  41. Emilie Wiesner     [SV]
  42. Sarah Witherspoon    [SW]


Possible sources of funding for travel to BIRS, and for travel in general. Check back for updates. (Please send Chelsea an email at if you have an addition to this list, especially for non-U.S. based participants.)

AWM travel grant program
Open to: Women holding a doctorate (or equivalent) with a U.S. work address
Deadline: February 1, May 1 and October 1 each year
Grant amount: Up to $2,300 for domestic travel, $3,500 for foreign travel

AMS-Simons travel grant program
Open to: Applicant must have earned a PhD degree (or its equivalent) within four years of the grant start date in order to be eligible. Applicants must be employed by U.S. institutions, have U.S. home addresses, or be U.S. citizens working abroad
Deadline: March 31, 2015
Grant amount: A total of $4,000 over a two-year period to support travel

MSRI academic sponsorship
MSRI will provide partial travel funding (up to a maximum of $750) for postdoc or ladder faculty members of Academic Sponsor Institutions to attend workshops at the Banff International Research Station (BIRS). Funding is limited to US Citizens or Permanent Residents who are recommended by the organizer of the workshop. Please contact the MSRI Program Manager for further restrictions.