Women in Noncommutative Algebra and Representation Theory workshop. BIRS. March 27- April 1, 2016


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Noncommutative algebra and representation theory are two closely intertwined areas of research that have strong ties to many other fields in mathematics and quantum physics such as conformal field theory, operator algebras, string theory, topological field theory, and the various guises of noncommutative geometry. Noncommutative algebra creates an algebraic framework for generalizing the study of polynomials to other rings that fail to be commutative. Representation theory is a powerful tool for investigating the action of an algebraic object on a space as linear operators and matrices.

As in many areas of mathematics, women have been underrepresented in noncommutative algebra and representation theory. The goal of this workshop to bring together some of the best experts and junior participants working on these topics to collaborate on research projects. All participants in the workshop will be women. This workshop will be the first of its kind for these fields. It will have a great impact on the research careers of the women in attendance, and as a result, it will positively impact the research area as a whole.

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