Algebraic group actions on noncommutative spectra


Transformation Groups 14, 649-675 (2009).

Let G be an affine algebraic group and let R be an associative algebra with a rational action of G by algebra automorphisms. We study the induced G-action on the spectrum Spec R of all prime ideals of R, viewed as a topological space with the Jacobson-Zariski topology, and on the subspace consisting of all rational ideals of R. Here, a prime ideal P of R is said to be rational if the extended centroid of R/P is equal to the base field. The main themes of the article are local closedness of G-orbits in Spec R and the so-called G-stratification of Spec R. This stratification plays a central role in the recent investigation of algebraic quantum groups, in particular in the work of Goodearl and Letzter. We describe the G-strata in terms of certain commutative spectra. Our principal results are based on prior work of Moeglin & Rentschler and Vonessen. We generalize the theory to arbitrary associative algebras while also simplifying some of the earlier proofs.

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