Martin Lorenz
Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics
Temple University
1805 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122-6094

Phone:    Phone: 215-204-5013
FAX: 215-204-6433
e-mail: lorenz AT temple DOT edu
Office: Room 528 Wachman Hall



My research is in noncommutative algebra, with particular emphasis on topics related to transformation groups and invariant theory. For about ten years, I have focused on multiplicative invariant theory. My monograph with that title appeared in 2005. Subsequently, I have worked on applications of Koszul algebras to algebraic combinatorics, algebraic group actions on noncommutative spaces, and representations of finite Hopf algebras. Here is the link to my Google Citations.  
Recent talks
Mathematical genealogy


Fall 2015
Math 4096: Senior Problem Solving Math 9012: Representation Theory I

PhD Students
  • Jonathan Cornick: PhD 1992 (Northern Illinois University), Associate Professor Queensborough Community College CUNY
  • Loretta Tokoly: PhD 1999 (Temple University), Associate Professor at Howard Community College
  • Marc Renault: PhD 2002 (Temple University), Associate Professor at Shippensburg University
  • Jawahar Pathak: PhD 2003 (Temple University), Associate Professor at Lincoln University
  • Mohammed Tesemma: PhD 2004 (Temple University), Associate Professor at Spelman College
  • Jessica Hamm: PhD 2014 (Temple University), Assistant Professor at Winthrop University
  • Adam Jacoby: current PhD student