Gerardo A. Mendoza
Department of Mathematics
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA 19122

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Some lecture notes and talks:

Big Problems/Big Ideas Semnar

What is microlocal analysis and what is it good for.

Ghenti (virtual), July 2020, International Conference on Pseudo-differential Operators:

R-actions and invariant differential operators

Potsdam, March 2019, Microlocal and Global Analysis, Interactions with Geometry:

Singular foliations by tori

Cambridge MA, November 2017, Symplectic Geometry and Microlocal Analysis, In Honor of Victor Guillemin:

Elliptic operators on compact manifolds with simple strata

Florianópolis, Brazil, July 2017, Third Symposium on Scattering and Spectral Theory:

Spectrally unstable domains

Potsdam, February 2017, Geometric and Singular Analysis

The ideal boundary conditions of an elliptic complex of cone operators

CMO, Oaxaca, December 2016: Geometric and Spectral Methods in Partial Differential Equations

First order elliptic complexes of cone operators

Miami, Jan 2016: PDE, Complex Analysis, and Related Topics, FIU

Friedrichs extension of semibounded elliptic operators on a manifold with singularities

Montreal, December 2015: CMS Winter Meeting, Session on Analysis on Singular Manifolds

Spectral instability of selfadjoint extensions of symmetric elliptic cone operators

Potsdam, February 2015, Geometric and Singular Analysis:

Complex and CR b-manifolds

Doha, January 2015: Analysis and Geometry in Several Complex Variables

Anisotropic Sobolev spaces of varying regularity, operators, and boundary value problems

Beirut, November 2014: Partial Differential Equations in Complex Geometry and Singular Spaces

Differential Operators
Differential topology of stratified manifolds
Complex b-manifolds

Banff, November 2014: Geometric Scattering Theory and Applications

Elliptic operators of variable order

Albuquerque, April 2014: AMS Sectional Meeting, Special Session on Topics in Spectral Geometry and Global Analysis

Spectral instability of selfadjoint extensions

Hannover, September 2013: Workshop on Elliptic and Parabolic Equations

Boundary value problems for first order elliptic wedge operators

Serra Negra, August 2013:

Boundary value problems for first order elliptic wedge operators

Berlin, March 2013:

A classification theorem for manifolds with R-action

Potsdam, March 2013:

A Cauchy problem

Philadelphia, September 2012:

Boundary value problems for elliptic operators

Montreal, July 2012:

Vanishing and embedding theorems on manifolds with R-action

Taipei, July 2012: Several Complex Variables and Complex Geometry

Hypoellipticity and Kodaira’s vanishing theorem

Addis Ababa, June 2012, Conference on Complex Analysis and Partial Differential Equations:

A Gysin sequence for manifolds with R-action

Bonn, June 2012:

Complex b-manifolds and their boundary

Oberwolfach, May 2012:

The trace bundle of an elliptic wedge operator

Arkansas Spring Lecture Series, April 2012:

Traces and boundary value problems for elliptic wedge operators

Beirut, November 2011:

The zeta function of elliptic operators on manifolds with conical singularities
Classification and embedding theorems for manifolds with R-action

Serra Negra, August 2011:

Embedding theorems of manifolds with R-action

Tübingen, June 2011:

On global hypoellipticity

Paderborn, May/June 2011:

Elliptic operators on manifolds with conical singularities, I
Elliptic operators on manifolds with conical singularities, II
Elliptic operators on manifolds with conical singularities, III
The three lectures in one file [51.2MB]

Summer School, State College (2010):

Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Lecture 3
Lecture 4
The four lectures in one file [37.7MB]

Oberwolfach, June 2010:

The resolvent trace of an elliptic cone operator

III CLAM, Santiago, Chile, Aug 31-Sept 4, 2009:

The trace of the resolvent of an elliptic cone operator

Serra Negra, August 2007:

Geometric aspects of the spectrum of extensions of elliptic cone operators


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