Gerardo A. Mendoza
Department of Mathematics
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Phone: (215) 204 5053
Fax: (215) 204 6433


Some papers:

T. Krainer and G. A. Mendoza, The trace bundle of an elliptic wedge operator, Oberwolfach Reports, Volume 9, Issue 2, (2012), 1550-1552.
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Other interests:

G. A. Mendoza and C. Readi, A memory block exchange based multiprocessor, preprint, July 1987, 11 pages (unpublished) (scan 5.71MB).
L. David, R. Medina, R. Parra, G. Mendoza, Temperatura de neutrones térmicos en un haz, Acta Cient. Venezolana 23 (1972) 203-107.