The text is available from either of the links below. Within the text you will find hyperlinks, which are in red. These will take you to one of the following:

á      A numbered equation or theorem

á      A figure

á      The answer to an odd-numbered exercise

á      The definition of a word.

Hyperlinks in the answers to the exercises will are available to return to the exercise or to get a detailed answer. If you follow a hyperlink to a place other than an exercise answer, you will need to get back to the place you were reading.


If you are using Acrobat Reader with the Windows operating system, press the Alt key and left arrow: this functions as a back button would on an Internet browser.


Macintosh users will find that Preview will open the text as it is a pdf document, and the hyperlinks are functional. However, some versions of Preview have no provision to get you back to the hyperlink where you started. There is a free application called PDFview (Google can find it for you) that comes with a back button that you can click. The download page for PDFview says the application is no longer supported, and suggests using SKIM instead. I have not tried SKIM, but it probably works. PDFview is a simpler program.


The hyperlink functionality of the text has been successfully tested on an iPad using the Goodreader app. If you are using another reader (Eg Sony, Nook, Kindle, É) IŐd be interested in hearing comments.


The purpose of linking certain words to their definitions is to remind you that it is important to know the definitions of these words, and to give you the opportunity to view the definitions as needed. (Of course, there will be no such hyperlinks on the tests.) To help you quickly locate the relevant definitions, I have used an alternate color for the word being defined. One version of the text uses green; the other uses blue. There are no other differences in the versions of the text. Please select the version that works best on your computerŐs screen.


Please let me know if you find any typos. I will update the files, even to correct minor errors. The date of the version currently available is on the title page. If an update concerns something that might cause confusion, I will send an email suggesting that you download again.


Download Ordinary Differential Equations: A Systems Approach (Green)


Download Ordinary Differential Equations: A Systems Approach (Blue)