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Learning support for your mathematics classes

Watch this video (or read this) about tutoring and other freely available resources for your math courses.For information on how to access, and the schedule of, the Mathematics TA and CA Consulting Center, click here or scroll down.

Information on Problem Solving Sessions for some of our course can be found here.

The math major

Mathematics opens the doors to many promising career paths. CareerCast ranked mathematician as best job for 2014 based on four factors: environment, income, outlook, and stress. Statistician was ranked third and actuary was ranked fourth. A study by PayScale shows that the top 15 highest-earning college degrees have a common element: mathematics. Not only do many professions and majors (engineering, doctors, physics, nurses, computer science, actuarial science, etc.) require courses in mathematics, but the analytical and problem-solving skills students learn in mathematics can apply to all disciplines.

At Temple Math, there are several degree programs from which to choose: the Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, the Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, the Bachelor of Science with Teaching, and joint programs with Computer and Information Science, Economics, and Physics.

For New Students

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Degree Programs and Flow Charts

Flow charts and advising sheets may be found on the main CST site.

Information for Current Students


If you have any questions please contact the director of undergraduate studies or the department chair.