Adding News Items

News items are entered on the Google Calendar (gcal) News items are downloaded in real time for display and also stored in /www/apache/news/yyyy/index.html, where yyyy is the current year. Only the current year's news items are downloaded. Past years items were downloaded in past years. Future years items will be downloaded in the year they occur.

To add news items, we assume you are logged into your Temple Google account and you have write access to this calendar (the calendar is public so everyone has read access). Here are the steps.

  1. Create a new event in gcal by clicking on a date.
  2. Enter the news item title.
  3. Click edit event and enter news item description. Separate paragraphs by empty lines.
  4. Select to save to the above calendar.
  5. Enter anywhere the hashtag #news.
  6. Click Save.

Now the news item title appears on the home page, and the news item appears on the page /news, if it is dated during the current year. If the hashtag #news is not inserted, then the item is not news and will not appear.

To insert an image, use an HTML img tag (see Create your own web page). To insert a gallery of images, create a folder /www/apache/DIR and upload the images there, and insert the code

<!--#include virtual='/cgi-bin/get_image_gallery?dir=/DIR&size=10' -->
here size=10 indicates that the images will be resized so their width is 10% of the page width.

Note you may insert HTML or \(\LaTeX\) into the title or description (click on Toolbox above for \(\LaTeX\) instructions).