Adding Grosswald Talks

This page explains how to add Grosswald talks.

The Grosswald talks come in sets of several (usually three) talks within the span of a week, once or twice a year. To add Grosswald talks, add each Grosswald talk as a separate seminar event (following Toolbox > Adding Seminar Talks), and use the hashtags #grosswald1, #grosswald2, etc for each talk instead of #grosswald. Here the integers 1, 2, etc refer to the talk order within a given Grosswalk set of talks.

For example a set of 3 talks followed by a set of 4 talks followed by a set of 2 talks would have hashtags #grosswald1, #grosswald2, #grosswald3, #grosswald1, #grosswald2, #grosswald3, #grosswald4, #grosswald1, #grosswald2. Abstracts are entered following the first method [under "Adding Seminar Talks"], i.e. as part of the event description.

Specifically, each talk's title would be of the form "Overall series title: specific talk title" or "Overall series title" or "Specific talk title". The description would be "Speaker, affiliation", followed by a blank line, as for seminars, followed possibly by an abstract. Upload the speaker's headshot image by attaching it to the first talk only. You'll have to make it public as described for seminar abstracts, second method [under "Adding Seminar Talks"].

Both HTML and \(\LaTeX\) are allowed in the description.

Reload the main Grosswald page to see your changes.