Brian Rider, Professor

Rider's current research is focussed on random matrix theory, or the study of universal properties of the spectrum of "typical" linear operators in the infinite dimensional limit. Starting from basic quetsions in quantum mechanics and mathematical statistics, random matrix theory has grown to have implications for or connections to an enormous range of areas including information theory, operator algebras, numerical analysis, statistical mechanics and integrable systems. Rider's work on the so-called beta ensembles of random matrix theory was recognized by the (shared) 2008 Rollo Davidson Prize.

Rider received his Ph.D. at Courant under Henry P. McKean.

Wei-Shih Yang, Professor

Yang's research interests lie in mathematical physics, mathematical finance and complex networks. He has worked on phase transitions and critical phenomena in statistical mechanics, Gaussian and non-Gaussian random fields with applications to quantum field theory, percolation, the Ising model, and self-avoiding random walks. His more recent work includes the following topics: quantum random walks with applications to quantum computing, ruin probability of risk processes and wireless networks.

Yang received his Ph.D. at Cornell University under Eugene B. Dynkin.

Seminars and advanced courses

Temple Probability Seminar

Current graduate students

Nayeong Kong

Matthew Lagro

Michael Ratner