Research activities and interests in the department encompass many areas of mathematics; below is a listing of the strongly represented areas in the department. Clicking on a person's name leads to their home page; clicking on the research group's name leads to the group's website.


  • Datskovsky, Boris: algebraic number theory, analytic number theory, modular forms.
  • Dolgushev, Vasily: noncommutative geometry, homological algebra, category theory and mathematical physics.
  • Letzter, Edward: noncommutative algebra.
  • Lorenz, Martin: noncommutative ring theory, representation theory, invariant theory, algebraic K-theory.
  • Walton, Chelsea: noncommutative algebra and noncommutative algebraic geometry.
  • Wang, Xingting: noncommutative algebras, Poisson algebras, noncommutative projective algebraic geometry, cohomology theory, and noncommutative invariant theory.


Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing

  • Cui, Shumo: higher-order numerical schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws, traffic modeling, well-balanced numerical schemes.
  • Grabovsky, Yury: calculus of variations, continuum mechanics, homogenization, phase transitions.
  • Joshi, Sunnie: continuum mechanics, modeling cardiovascular diseases and fluid-structure interaction in blood flow.
  • Klapper, Isaac: fluid dynamics, microbial ecology, biofilms.
  • Gillian Queisser: numerical methods and scientific computing, high-performance computing, applications in the life sciences with a particular focus on neuroscience.
  • Seibold, Benjamin: computational partial differential equations, numerical analysis, traffic modeling.
  • Szyld, Daniel: numerical analysis and scientific computing, numerical linear algebra.
  • Tierra, Giordano: modeling, numerical analysis and simulations (efficient and accurate) for the study of complex fluids and its applications in material and life sciences.
  • Zhou, Dong: high order numerical schemes for nonlinear Hamilton-Jacobi equations and fluid flow problems.

Geometry & Topology

  • Fu, Ser-Wei: hyperbolic geometry, geometric group theory, geometric structures, low-dimensional topology, dynamical systems, ergodic theory, billiards, and Teichmuller Theory.
  • Futer, David: knot theory, hyperbolic geometry, low-dimensional topology.
  • Rivin, Igor: geometry, dynamical systems, combinatorics, group theory, crystallography.
  • Rushton, Brian:: finite subdivision rules, geometric group theory.
  • Stover, Matthew:: low-dimensional geometry, hyperbolic geometry, number theory.