Leon Ehrenpreis Conference

The Department of Mathematics, Temple University, is holding a conference to honor the memory of our colleague and friend Leon Ehrenpreis. The conference will take place November 15 and 16, 2010.



The schedule is available here.


Banquet Information

The banquet will take place Monday, November 15 at approximately 6:00 pm at the Edward H. Rosen Hillel Center, 1441 Norris Street Philadelphia, PA 19121. The cost will be $40 payable at the door (unless prior arrangements have been made).
If you wish to take part in this activity please send mail to "banquet at math temple edu". We would like to have a sense of how many peple will participate.

Information, all in one

This file (2.2MB) contains a printable schedule and campus map with some pointers.


Sponsored by the Mathematics Department and the College of Science and Technology, Temple University


Dr. C. J. Mozzochi's photos of the event on Monday are available from his website.